Where can I purchase a UTARPit™?

UTARPit™ can be purchased online at Home Depot, Walmart and in select stores at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

What kind of roof does the UTARPit™ adhere to?

The UTARPit™ self-adhesive tarp adheres to many roof tops. It has been tested on barrel tile, asphalt shingle, slate, concrete, and metal surfaces.

What is the best way to install the UTARPit™?

Make sure the surface area where you wish to apply it does not have any debris. The tarp works best if the area is dry. If the area is wet, go over the designated area with a heat gun or torch for a minute or two in order for the adhesive to adhere.

If there is snow, around 32 degrees, make sure you clean out the snow as much as possible and torch the perimeter where the adhesive is going to be placed. If the roof is frozen, defrost the area with a torch and follow the same steps.

A tip from roofers: If your roof’s damage is over 2 feet, cover the hole with a solid material like plywood prior to installing the UTARPit™. This can mitigate water accumulation if weather conditions affect your area while awaiting your roofing specialist.

How do I know which size is best to cover my roof damage?

We recommend measuring your damage prior to purchasing UTARPit™. You should always have about 2-3 feet all around the damage to make sure your area is completely secured.

Where should I store my UTARPit™?

We recommend you store your UTARPit™ in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing the self-adhesive tarp in a hot garage because those high temperatures can affect the quality of the adhesive when you’re ready to use it.

Can I use my UTARPit™ more than once?

No. The adhesive on your UTARPit™ is designed to be a temporary solution of one-time use. However, our customers have used the tarp after removing it from their roof for other purposes but the adhesive won’t adhere properly after its first use. Remember, the tarp still has grommets around all edges which could assist in projects after being the temporary solution for your property.

How long can my UTARPit™ stay on my roof?

Our UTARPit™ can withstand hurricane winds of 110 mph and 8.8 inches per hour of wind driven rain without releasing. UTARPit™ can stay protecting and mitigating your roof’s damage for up to 3-6 months. Keep in mind this is a temporary solution for your property.

Keep in mind this is a temporary solution for your property.

How do I remove the UTARPit™?

The UTARPit™ is designed to be removed by a roofing professional by disposing the damaged area it is adhered to or using a hot solvent. If you must remove the tarp without a professional, begin by peeling the tarp on all sides as much as you can. Goof-Off® or any other solvent suitable for your roof type may facilitate the removal process and residue.

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