UTARPit™ is available in 6 different sizes ranging from 6′ x 8′ to 20′ x 25′. If you are a restoration/roofing professional, please contact to request our professional price list.

UTARPit™ can be purchased online at Home Depot, Walmart and in select stores at Lowe’s Home Improvement.


6′ x 8′ Tarp


8′ x 10′ Tarp


10′ x 12′ Tarp


12′ x 16′ Tarp


16′ x 20′ Tarp


20′ x 25′ Tarp

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UTARPit™ Advantages

  • No need for hammer, nails, wood strips, bricks and sandbags.
  • Preserves tarp integrity.
  • Minimizes roof damage by omitting nails.
  • Adheres to many surfaces such as shingle, tile, or concrete.
  • Can be attached to a barrel tile roof.
  • Is easy to install.
  • When included in your hurricane prep kit, UTARPit™ ensures no down-time while waiting for a roofer.
  • Can be easily removed by a proper roofing contractor.