About UTARPit™

The Perfect Self-Adhesive Roof Tarp

About the Makers of UTARPit™

Xtarp Solutions, Corp. is a family-owned company dedicated to the development of a self-adhesive roof tarp called UTARPit™.

  • Easy Installation

    It is easy to install and it could be done by a single person within 15-20 minutes. The concept of a quicker, easier and effective solution truly identifies the company’s slogan “No Crew, Just UTARPit™.” This adhesive tarp is the best solution to protect assets pre and post various weather conditions. UTARPit™ adheres to many roof tops, such as Barrel Tile, Asphalt Shingle, Slate, Concrete, and Metal surfaces!

  • Nail-Free Application

    With the conventional method, roofing companies are jeopardizing the integrity of the roof by nailing the tarp through the asphalt shingle; thereby, creating additional expenses to the insurance companies. UTARPit™ eliminates the need for hammers, nails, wood strips, bricks, and sandbags. The bottom line, UTARPit™ saves the insurance companies thousands of dollars by using less material to secure a roof and government entities at the local, state and federal level.

    UTARPit™ has an exposure life of 3-6 months, depending on the weather conditions and grade of the product.

  • High Standards, High Reviews

    The UTARPit™ team takes the utmost pride in providing only the highest quality materials and standards in the market.

    UTARPit™ can be found online here.

UTARPit™ Advantages

  • No need for hammer, nails, wood strips, bricks and sandbags.

  • Preserves tarp integrity.

  • Minimizes roof damage by omitting nails.

  • Adheres to many surfaces such as shingle, tile, or concrete.

  • Can be attached to a barrel tile roof.

  • Is easy to install.

  • When included in your hurricane prep kit, UTARPit™ ensures no down-time while waiting for a roofer.

  • Can be easily removed by a proper roofing contractor.